we always knew what happen to the girls…
…the girls?
…i mean all the women with the short hair and the long hair. all the women with the eyes.
all the women with that beautiful heartbeat sound.
you know… those ladies…
we know what happens to them… so did we think that it were ghosts who were touching them where they didn’t want to be touched?
imaginary spirits.
faceless creatures.
monsters. no!
well they are monsters i guess…
but these monsters are fathers and brothers and friends.
they are our friends!
the monsters.
…they creep and crawl and become unrecognizable when it happens.
the monsters will mute you. believe me… you think you said no or stop but it’s white noise… I think… thats how I hear it now… when I think back… did i?… no… maybe i… but what if… but but aaahhhh…. sttaaahhhp…. …
they will rip the words out of you… before during after
the monsters are our friends.


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