new world

I’ll tell you what I think of the world, well the Universe really.


I just wish God was chill with me in a small studio apartment with big windows in New York.

On my brown leather couch with colorful throw pillows for decoration.

And I could just cry away all my pain and fears on his shoulder curled up in his arms as we drink a glass of sweet Moscato after a couple shots of Strawberry Vodka.

Watching X Factor and Pretty Little Liars.

And no matter how much I begged him he would never tell me who A was. Cause he is all-knowing. But.

He said if he told me he’d spoil it.

God and I were in collaboration and a part of a very exclusive society.  We are best friends.  We listened to Mumford and Sons and danced to “The Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine – Our favorite band, and we cooked pasta together and homemade vanilla ice cream on my 12th floor apartment balcony

and watched the city lights and ate Garrett’s Chicago popcorn, even though we were in New York. We liked to visit Chicago often. Although I think there is a New York location.

And we would talk about the world before we could be here. Like this.

How he would talk to me and I would never listen.

But I wanted to.

and how much I unknowingly worshipped Lucifer more than him. And how I listened to secular music on the Sabbath and watched secular movies on the Sabbath, and ate out on the Sabbath. And how I was a vegetarian and never ate pork or shrimp or catfish. Because I was “Seventh-day Adventist”

but never went to church.

But now all was right in the world, because happiness and kindness ruled all.

Righteousness wasn’t as important. (Say what you want about that. This is my ideal Universe)

And the world was made of indie, pop, and hip hop music, and romantic comedies, and latest fashions, and Instagram, and Tumblr, and ABSOLUTE BEAUTY. Because God created a new world that was our world, but filled with beautiful and fertile human beings. Beautiful people inside and out.

And everyone was drunk on life, love, each other, and sweet Moscato.

We were all allowed to drink Moscato and Strawberry Vodka shots.

There was no suicide or homicide. When people died they just died and it was ok every time because everyone got to say goodbye to their mother and father and aunts and uncles and Grands.

Life was Grand!

And not only was The Holy Bible a book but it was also a YouTube web series starring Denzel as Moses and The Rock as Samson.

And we weren’t exactly holy, but we weren’t all that sinful either. We just lived life with no stress or worry and only got wasted occasionally. It was a combination of Heaven and Earth with a splash of Hell. There was pain, people got hurt and upset and disappointed at times, but not for long, because we all knew it was going to be all right. What was happiness with out a little pain?

God I really need to move to New York.


4 thoughts on “ABSOLUTE BEAUTY

  1. Wow if I didn’t know you I would think you already were a published author. Keep it up girl…I see great things 🙂

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